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Please do not send anymore emails.      Welcome to VF Layouts! This is your number one source of layouts for VF on the net! We don't only do profiles! We do cults too! Just request a banner, tell us your ideas, and we'll make one for you! Simple as that! Now tell me any other layout designer that does that? hehe We aim to please!

To obtain a custom layout just fill out the form and send it to .

Update//Monday.October.24th                                                 11:29 pm

  Still on the lookout for staff. =P To request a layout please copy and paste the short form and fill it out, send it to

Custom Layout Form.
1.) What colors would you like your layout to be?
2.) Any background image? If so, if you have the html please supply it.
3.) Want music? What band and what song?
4.) Any effects? Such as x-ray when hovering, pictures turning grey, scrollbar on leftside?
5.)What font would you like your page to be in?
6.)Any special cursors?
7.) Would you like to keep your left navigation or have it in the center?
8.) Do you have a cult? If so, would you like a layout for that?
9.) Would you like any banners made? Please specify details.
10.) Feel free to add anything else. ^-^

Update//Tuesday.September.13th                                                 8:27 pm

  Wow, it's been over a month since my last update. xD I'm currently looking for staff and taking requests if you would like a layout please request them. Ready made layouts should be up shortly.

Update//Wednesday.August.10th                                                 4:39 am

  The site is finally up. I hope all of you enjoy the layouts! Just please don't remove the credits. It's pretty tedious to make these things so please keep em up. ^^

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